Jiangsu Provincial Transportation Engineering Group Co., Ltd(JTEG for short) is qualified be the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Construction as first grade general contractor for highway engineering, port& channel engineering and municipal public engineering, and first grade specialized contractor for roadbed, pavement, bridge, and navigational structures works; it is also qualified as general contractor for railway works and house building construction works, specialized contractor for steel structure works and making and installing hydraulic metal structures; besides, it embraces the oversea business operation rights as well. JTEG has more than 900 professionals, among whom 6 person have acquired Is senior professional titles, more than 170 have acquired senior professional titles, more than 290 have acquired intermediate professional titles; besides, 140 have acquired first-grade registered construction is engineer certificates.

JTEG owns fixed productive assets of CYN 600 million. Its annual execution capacity is over CNY 7 billion. Since 2004, JTEG has been entitled as Quality, Environmental, Occupational Health ad Safety Management System Confirming Enterprise. It passed the First Grade Safety Production Standardization inspection by the China’s Ministry of Transport in 2014.

Established in 1958, nearly 60 years has witnessed JTEG’s striving and development. Through continuous hard work and persisting innovation, it has accumulated rich management and construction experiences, developing into national wide pioneering integrated transport engineering enterprise.

The works undertaken by JTEG and its products have covered the whole nation, making major contributions to the execution of national key projects and regional infrastructure facilities. In additional to the achievement at home, JTEG has also gained remarkable progress abroad; it has participated in various engineering works in India, Vietnam, Angola, Indonesia, Fiji, Cameroon, Central Africa, Cambodia, Mongolia, and assistance project in Maldives.

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    境外工程1 馬爾代夫拉穆環礁連接公路項目

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  • Company Name:Jiangsu Provincial Transportation Engineering Group Co., LTD.

  • Company Address:No.398, Guyangdong Road, Zhenjiang City, Jiangsu Province

  • Zip Code:212100

  • Company Phone:0511-88823167

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